August 2, 2022
On a hike here, my dog just tripped me a little bit ago, and he made me cut my hand. My question to you, is what happens over the next few days?

Well, yeah, you’re right. It heals itself. Our body knows what to do. I didn’t have to put anything on my hand for it to heal itself. The body just knows innately what it’s supposed to do when there’s damage.

But what we’ve been taught is when we have a problem, to take some medication for it. So whether it says it’s colic or reflex or constipation you get some medication for that.

Parents don’t usually want to medicate their kids, but they, they’re searching for an answer to help their kid feel better, improve theirs. quality of life.

What we do in our office is help improve the communication in your body through your nervous system so it can improve the way it communicates, removing that interference. So the best quality of life can be lived, for all.

I’m Dr. Isaac Mooberry with Lifetime Wellness & Chiropractic here in Denver, improving nervous systems, one adjustment at a time to help everyone.