August 3, 2022
I had never heard of those until about four years ago when we found out my son had one.

And that is when there’s extra tissue under the tongue, lip, or on the cheek.

This can have many impacts on the baby, but if the baby’s feeding with a bottle or even trying to latch onto the mother’s breast you can hear a clicking sound, that clicking sound is them trying to pull suction and not being able to maintain it.

That is where you get that click in the mouth.

Mothers may also begin to notice pain when breastfeeding as a result of a tongue or lip tie, and babies can develop blisters on their lips as well when this happens.

The lips can get sucked in when they’re trying to feed, that’s a big sign that there is a lip tie present as well, and this can impact the baby’s ability to feed normally.

It can take a lot longer for them to feed.

They can be more colicky or gassy.

Their bellies can get distended.

They might even be overeating as well.

So this is something super important to get checked to help normal development in the baby occur as early as possible and have an intervention if needed.

It’s super important during this precious bonding time.

So the mother should be looking forward to this experience and not be dreading it.

So if it is painful, please definitely reach out to find some help through an appropriate practitioner.