Ladies, Sick and Tired of Headaches, Do These 5 Things
December 12, 2022
Ladies, Sick and Tired of Headaches, Do These 5 Things

Have you ever had headaches or migraines that won’t go away? They keep coming back multiple times a week or even multiple times in a day? I want to give you some solutions for this problem. My name is Dr. Isaac Mooberry with Lifetime Wellness and Chiropractic in Denver, CO.

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My Story

Let me give you a personal story about pain that I’ve dealt with. I had severe pain that was keeping me from being able to play with my daughter, to engage in activities on the weekends, going for hikes or sporting events. It was a struggle to get through the day. My energy level was wiped out. It was hard to get dressed in the morning. I couldn’t do chores around the house. I had to change how I was addressing my health and approach to care for my body. I had to move past the symptom and go to the cause of my problem, which was irritation on nerves that was causing my pain.

I see too many people relying on medication, Ibuprofen, Tylenol, Excedrin, to deal with headaches and migraines. I want to give you five things, ladies and gentlemen, to address that should help. I’d say probably over 90% of headaches and migraines will be helped by these tips.

5 Areas to Address

The 5 key areas to evaluate are hydration, ergonomics, hormones, foods consumed and your nervous system. Let’s dive into each of these 5 areas.


The first tip is going to be to hydrate. You want to drink half your body weight in ounces of water. So, if you weigh 200 pounds, you want to drink 100 ounces of water a day at a minimum. Make sure you’re getting mineral water, not tap water (at least make sure it is filtered), avoid plastic water bottles (the plastic leaches into the water, which is not healthy).


Second, on the list is going to be ergonomics. Too many people are hunched over working on laptops, looking at their monitors, and being on technology during the day. That puts a lot of stress and strain on the muscles here in the neck and the shoulders and that impacts the blood flow going to the brain or in the temples and can create that headache. It can even impact the blood flow inside the head that triggers more of a migraine, possibly on one side. Ergonomics are critical to keep stress off your nervous system. You want to be upright, looking straight ahead at your monitor or your phone (the center of your screen should be eye level). If you can, put your arms on the side of your body and have your phone more right in front of you. That’s how you want to utilize your phone. Get an accessory keyboard or mouse to help have better ergonomics if, you’re on a laptop. Bring that laptop up so the center of the screen, is at eye level. If you look at the top of the screen, you want to be looking up a little bit. The number one problem I see is the top of the screen is at or below eye level which causes you to look down and that puts a ton of stress on your neck.


The third tip and this is definitely going to impact women more, but you want to have your hormones checked. You also need to have your blood, as well as, your urine tested. There are 10 different estrogen type hormones that you need to get checked. Oftentimes when they do blood work and urine work, they’re not checking all of these, your hormone levels can potentially contribute to creating havoc in your body. One of the issues could be headaches and migraines.

Foods Consumed

The fourth tip, I want you to look at is the food that you’re consuming. Certain foods can definitely trigger headaches or migraines, so keep a food journal. You may already have an idea what you may be sensitive to. It could be chocolate; it could be red wine, preserved meats or other types of additives. It could be in a food that has had herbicides, pesticides, Glyphosate, color additives or MSG added to it. There are a lot of different things that can be added to foods that we are very sensitive to, and that can definitely cause headaches or migraines as well.

Nervous System

The fifth thing that you need to make sure you get checked is going to be your nervous system. What is controlling the muscles in your body, controlling our heart beating, our blood vessels getting smaller or larger? That is going to be your nervous system! This is something that you can have checked typically, by a postural corrective chiropractor. That’s something we do here in our office, we help people with improving their posture, but also checking their nervous system to make sure it’s communicating the way it’s supposed to. So, your body can function at its optimal ability.


Follow these 5 tips on hydrating, ergonomics, hormones, foods consumed, and your nervous system. So, if you address these five things successfully, they should help probably over 90% of headaches and migraines.

I hope you found this helpful. If you have any questions please reach out. Like and follow us to get more great content.

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