August 2, 2022
Hey, guys. Dr. Isaac is on a little hike, enjoying the fall colors in Ben Tyler Trail. I stopped by this stream cliff and it caused me to reflect on how the stream when we see smooth areas reminds me of what our health should be like. It also caused me to think this is what people experience a lot of times in their life, whether it’s to themselves or their kids.

When they see symptoms, it’s much like the stream where we look over here is very flat. Then over here, we can see there’s a rock and that rock is causing some ripples in the water to move around it. When we have that that causes a symptom, let us know that there’s something that’s changing the water flow around that. That sign is a symptom of that rock.

But in our bodies, our bodies are expressing their ability to adapt to what’s going on inside. When we have symptoms that are our body’s inability to adapt. What causes our body to adapt? How does it express that?

It’s through our nervous system. So when there’s a problem with the nervous system, then that can cause compensation and deflections and as well as other problems, symptoms, digestive issues, sleep problems, headaches and migraines, colic, all sorts of problems are expressed through our nervous systems.

That’s why we focused in our office on the nervous system and improving its ability to function from the inside out without drugs and surgeries.

So I hope you’ve enjoyed a little bit of nature here.