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The biggest issue that I see with ergonomics even after being set up by a “professional” for proper computer ergonomics is the eye level height related to the monitor. Your eyes when looking straight a head should land in the center of the monitor, so when you look at the top of the screen you are looking up slightly with your head. This error can cause headaches, neck pain, shoulder pain, back pain and even numbness/tingling. We help people all the time with these issues! Here is a document below that helps illustrate proper computer ergonomics.

Neurodevelopmental Disorders Book

At times you may feel like you have tried everything or your don’t know which way to turn as a parent seeking help for your child with neurodevelopmental challenges. In this resource, yourwill find hope because quality of life can always be improved, also how neurodevelopmental challenges involve the WHOLE body. Also, there is a major link between gut health and brain health and the immune response needs to be reset. But the health, balance and integrity of the nervous system is paramount and how to create a healthy and balanced nervous system.

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