August 2, 2022
Poop, yes poop. Everybody poops. Dad’s poop, Mom’s poop, babies poop, boys poop, and yes, even girls poop. So what does that have to do with you and me?

Well, the only thing worse than a bad one is when you can’t go. How does that work with chiropractic?

Well, everything going on in our body is controlled through our nervous system from the top-down and inside-out and so whether it’s stresses, traumas, hormones, allergies, sensitivities to food, even bad posture, all those can affect your ability to have a normal digestive bowel movement.

When we are looking at what’s going on with the body, we start with the brain and the nervous system and whether you cannot use this stuff because you can’t go. We need to figure out why that’s happening and your nervous system is a foundational step in that process.

You can even see, especially with kids and babies, they get their little fists clenched in there. That translates to adults as well and it’s so uncomfortable.

We’ve helped people regulate their bowel movements and have successful, not uncomfortable movements.