August 2, 2022
I saw some things that struck me, and they were beautiful, and I wanted to share them with you, as well as how we’re taught to deal with our symptoms through media and our culture currently and then how that can lead to bigger problems.

So right here, I just want to share this with you.

Some pretty leaves, aspen leaves changing, and the circular lichen, and this little rock, here in the middle, the rock represents a symptom and how we’re taught to cover that up with a medication.

Over time, that symptom can become a much larger problem, like a bigger rock, essentially and that impacts our quality of life as well as our ability to enjoy our life and be healthy.

In our office, we focus on improving our nervous system’s ability to adapt and to respond to different stresses that our body’s under in a healthy way so it can be resilient and you can maintain the quality of your life.

I’m Dr. Isaac Mooberry with Lifetime Wellness and Chiropractic in Denver, and I’m here to help you become more resilient and adaptable, one adjustment at a time.