August 3, 2022

During pregnancy, your body releases hormones that allow connective tissue to relax and soften. As a result of this, the joints and ligaments between the bones in your spine and pelvis will begin to loosen. Increasing flexibility in these joints is imperative for allowing the baby to move through your body during labor. Lower back pain, as well as changes in posture may contribute to the soreness you feel.

Other causes of pain in your back and hips include increased pressure on the sciatic nerve. The sciatic nerve in your body run from the lower back to the feet. You can experience pain, numbness, or a tingling sensation in the back, buttocks, hips, and legs. This problem is referred to as sciatica. Back pain is not normal but can be common during pregnancy, you should seek to find out the cause of this pain with a doctor, as there are other less common, but serious, causes of back pain or sciatica.

Another possible cause of back or hip pain during the second-third trimester is round ligament pain. Round ligament pain is characterized by sharp pains in the abdomen, hip, and groin area. The pain may intensify with rapid movements or changes in position. (source)

There are a few things you can try at home to help you manage any hip pain you experience during pregnancy.


It’s generally safe to exercise during your pregnancy, but you should only do what feels comfortable and safe.


As changes in posture can contribute to back pain, there are things you can try to correct this, such as:

putting a pillow between your knees while you sleep
keeping your legs together when getting out of bed or a car
using a chair that supports your lower back
keeping your back straight and not crossing your legs while sitting
not sitting for too long — try to get up and move around every 30 minutes
sitting upright in a chair and at a desk while using a computer — face the screen, and don’t twist to 1 side
standing with your weight evenly distributed over both your hips — don’t shift your weight onto 1 leg as this can place more pressure on that hip


You may find that taking a warm bath or applying a warm compress to the back helps to ease pain naturally by relaxing the muscles in that area. Hot baths aren’t recommended during pregnancy because of the risks of overheating.

You could also ask a partner or friend to give you a massage around the hips and lower back area to help ease pressure and tension.

To do this, lie on your side to expose the hip that’s in pain and bring your knees up slightly. You may find it more comfortable to place a pillow under your bump or between your knees.(source)


Research has shown that pregnant women who seek chiropractic care throughout pregnancy have, on average, a 25% shorter labor time whereas women with multiple pregnancies who seek chiropractic care throughout their pregnancy have, on average, 31% shorter labor times.

Denver chiropractor Isaac Mooberry is certified in the Webster Technique that helps the mother to be, have as easy and comfortable a pregnancy as possible.