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Meet Dr. Isaac Mooberry

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Dr. Isaac's Bio

Dr. Isaac, most days that he is not helping patients you can find him enjoying our fantastic Colorado skiing and hiking with his family, fishing or mountain biking with friends and exploring Colorado with his wife Katy and family. He is most known for being Michaela and Theo’s dad and the chiropractor behind Lifetime Wellness & Chiropractic.

He has been very active playing basketball and soccer growing up. He had experienced some health challenges of his own and within his family which have motivated him to change his past symptomatic based approach to helping his clients to an objective proactive approach. He has dealt with severe back pain with numbness and tingling in his legs after he was chiropractor. He has also dealt with high blood pressure and swelling in his lower legs. His mother dealt with autoimmune disease in multiple sclerosis and dementia. He continues to expand his knowledge in how to improve the factors that the body needs to build health and he enjoys working side by side with his clients to help them reach their potential.

He has also been very active in the Colorado Chiropractic Association representing his peers for over 10 years. He has served on committees, as President and also the executive board for 3 years giving back to his profession.

Dr. Isaac's Associations and Memberships

Rising Star Award for 2007-2008 from the Colorado Chiropractic Association.

Rising Star Award for 2014-2015 from the Colorado Chiropractic Association

Presidents Medal of Honor for 2014-2015 from the Colorado Chiropractic Association

Served on the Colorado Chiropractic Association Board 2015-2018

Served as the Colorado Chiropractic Association President 2017

Our Mission for denver, colorado

Our mission is to inspire the community of Denver to experience health differently. His practice sees families, athletes and weekend warriors. He believes that health should be a fundamental truth and not just a pursuit and that you deserve to be your happiest and healthiest version of yourself throughout life! Dr. Isaac who has dealt with past blood pressure issues, past back pain, past numbness and tingling; he is parent, husband, weekend warrior and past competitive athlete has been through a number of experiences many other people may be currently facing. He is your biggest advocate and strives to educate, encourage, and support you through your journey into true lasting health, using his past experiences and education to help you heal.