4 Inconvenient Reasons for Concerning Numbness & Tingling
December 19, 2022
4 Inconvenient Reasons for Concerning Numbness & Tingling

Have you ever had numbness and tingling into your arms, your hands, maybe even your legs or your feet? Well, if you have, it’s very concerning and frustrating, if it keeps happening again and again. You are probably thinking, what is causing my numbness & tingling and how do I get this addressed? Hopefully I won’t have to have any surgeries or get put on drugs.

So, I’m going to go into the four main issues that I’ve seen that cause these problems with numbness and tingling. My name’s Dr. Isaac Mooberry with Lifetime Wellness & Chiropractic here in Denver, Colorado. Let me tell you my personal story. But first, if you can like and subscribe to our channel so you can get more great content, it will help us out and you too!

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My Story

It was in 2012, I was a chiropractor already for about 5 years and I developed severe back pain and I also had numbness & tingling into my lower legs and feet. I could barely get dressed in the morning or get my shoes on. I could not play with my daughter or barley help with any chores around the house. I was concerned for my future as this drug on for over 6 weeks. That is why I changed how I was addressing my own health and also changed to how I am now helping clients with their health.

Four Main Reasons for Numbness & Tingling

The four issues we’re going to address that can result in numbness and tingling. They are poor posture, disc problems, muscle problems, as well as, space occupying lesions. Let’s dive right into it.

Poor Posture

The first issue is poor posture. If you have poor posture, meaning that you’re hunched over, maybe you’re on your phone a lot, you’ve probably all seen people that are looking like this or they’re hunched over looking in their monitor typing away. This issues of having a poor posture is poor ergonomics. This create repetitive stress on your body causing it to break down and put too much stress onto the nerves that results in numbness & tingling, going into your arms or legs. So, you need to find a good resource for ideal posture and ergonomics. We have one of those that we’re going to supply for you here. Here is a DIY guide to computer ergonomics.

Disc Problems

Number two, are problems with the discs in your spine. The disc is the material between the bones in the spine that provide a cushion. When there is prolonged or repetitive stress on body, it wears down and the disc gets thinner, thinner and thinner. It can bulge, which puts pressure onto the nerves that come out right next to the disc. It can even herniate, this is when the jelly inside the disc acts like a jelly donut pushing out to the area opposite where the stress is occurring and puts pressure on those nerves. Now imagine if that pressure is on that nerve, it’s going to send you a signal, it could be numbness & tingling, electrical shooting pain or it could be achy. There are different symptoms you could even have like cramping or your muscles could twitch or feel weak. Those could be signs that you have a problem with your discs.

Muscle Problems

The third issue that is going to arise is problems with over tight muscles. For example, there’s muscles on the side of your neck and you have nerves that come between these muscles. Now what happens when you have poor posture or you’re doing a lot of repetitive movements is it can cause those muscles to get tighter. When there’s a nerve that goes through those muscles that are tighter and tighter on that nerve, it can cause numbness & tingling sensation, zinging or weakness. This can happen in the neck or it can happen down in the wrist with the carpal tunnel. You can also have the problem down in your hip, which can cause sciatica, this is called the piriformis syndrome, and that can cause numbness, tingling, going all the way down your leg and to your foot.

Space Occupying Lesions

The fourth reason we’re going to address is the space occupying. What does this mean? This is something that you most likely going to have to see on an MRI to be able to completely diagnosis. These would be a cyst, which can grow right next to the nerve and put pressure on that nerve and will cause zinging, numbness & tingling sensation. The other issue could be a tumor. MRIs can be helpful with diagnosing and figuring out what is going on and what would be the appropriate course of action.


The four main reasons for numbness & tingling in the arms and legs are poor posture, disc injury, tight muscles, and space occupying the lesions.
I hope this has been helpful for you. We’re going to try to provide some resources in the article as well. So, if you have any questions, please reach out. But again, please follow along to get more great content.

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