2 Reasons Runner Have Back Pain & Hip Pain
December 1, 2022
2 Reasons Runner Have Back Pain & Hip Pain

Has this ever happened to you? You get yourself stuck because you have hip pain or back pain. I want to help improve the quality of your life, so you can get as much out of your life as you want, with enthusiasm and the vigor that you deserve.

There are too many people having pain that keeps them from being able to get the activity they want. This impacts not just how they feel mentally more importantly. Preventing them from staying fit maybe even participating with the team that they compete with. Feeling good is critical to being able to enjoy the quality of life you deserve.

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My Injury

How your body feels and how it functions is vitally important? My name is Dr. Isaac with Lifetime Wellness & Chiropractic here in Denver, CO. For me, I suffered an excruciating leg injury and it kept me from being able to compete in basketball and the comradery with my teammates. This was a very frustrating and challenging injury to come back from.

The recovery process took a lot longer than I feel like it should have. This was challenging for me mentally. I now realize I had taken for granted the enjoyment that freedom of movement had provided me, when I was hobbling around recovering.

Two Reasons for Injury

There are two reasons why I feel like runners, athletes and weekend warriors end up having these hip and back pain issues. One is imbalance in the body and two is there’s a tendency for some people when they are training that they overuse their body and that leads to injury.


I believe this is the very issue that contributed to my injury. When we look at imbalance, there are different areas that can be out of balance in your body. If your body is not functioning the way it’s supposed to and you’re putting more weight on one side… You can see how this could cause compensation and injury. Right?

Commonly I hear people say that they have been told their hips are out of alignment. Maybe there’s been an injury in the past that has kept your body from being in proper balance, but you’re not aware of this shift. This will cause your body to start wearing down more on one side and boom! You’re going to have a problem pop up out of nowhere. You will be thinking to yourself, I didn’t fall, nothing happened. How did I injure my hip or my back? Why am I having this back pain/hip pain? This one of the biggest contributors to these injuries is when there is hip or low back imbalance.

Another common imbalance happens with people who have “tech neck” (your head is in front of your shoulders making you look stooped). When your head’s way out in front of your shoulders it creates a huge leverage point for your lower back as well as your hips and your legs and your feet.


The second area is ramping up too soon with your activity. As an example, if you’re training for a marathon, some people don’t follow a program for helping them ramp up their milage. We are all different and our bodies respond differently, what works for one person may not work for the next.
Some people feel like they have the ability to run a marathon without following training outline. But when they increase the frequency or the mileage and it is not at a reasonable pace and rate they risk injury due to overuse. If you don’t use the appropriate pace for building up your body, you put yourself at an increased risk for an injury just to pop up and slow you down or stop you all together.


Imbalance in the hips and neck is what I have mostly seen that causes people to have problems with their low back and lower extremity. These two imbalances are the primary issues we help people with in our office. If the body is out of balance, there’s also neurological component going on and we also address this in our office. Imbalance and overuse are the two main reasons that runners, athletes and weekend warriors injure their hip or low back. Stay tuned and look for more great content to come.

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